Video Game Music

The first game I ever wrote music for was Light of the Mountain, created by Songhouse Games. The game is a first person, story driven, puzzle solving, adventure game set inside the dreams of a dying man. Thus, most of the music is more somber, dark, or sad; though at the same time I wanted the music to be very enchanting and melodic to reflect the mysterious and vibrant dream setting.  Most songs are lead by a piano which was done because a piano, I feel, is a very introspective instrument, and it helps to show the internal sadness and dread that the game's protagonist is dealing with.

io.tA is the most recent project I've written music for, in addition to working on all aspects of the game's visual design. io.tA is a narrative focused "choose your own story" type game; everywhere you go, every person you speak to, and everything you say to them affects your story in major ways. The game is goofy, colorful, and full of weird secrets and surprises.

Music From Unreleased Projects

Music from games or video projects that are currently cancelled or releasing in the future.

Non-Video Game Music

As of right now I've written music for podcasts, sketch comedy, and Youtube video essays.

I wrote the intro music for the Digital Well-Being Podcast, as well as the theme music for

all of Digital Well-Being's comedy sketches. I also did the intro and outro music for 

Model Citizens Media's "Behind the Pixel." 

Covers and Rearrangements

Music I've worked on that was a cover of another song or a rearrangement of another song from a game/movie

Personal Music (With Lyrics)